When I’m looking for the code of simple Captcha for my personal project, I found this solution: http://html-tuts.com/simple-php-captcha/

The idea of this Captcha is simple, user needs to input the correct value of basic calculating: A+B

Simple Captcha Code with PHP - Mozilla Firefox 2016-06-02 01.34.38
But from the view points of tester, I asked myself: How can I bypass and break it?

I’m looking into the source code of demo Captcha site and there are some useful information there, with supporting of Selenium WebDriver I can make it very easy. Here’s my step:


– With web admin and developer: Do not use this simple way to protect your website from flooding or spam.
– From hacker side: Can use this way or something similar to bypass the Captcha.
– For tester: View the source code (front-end) and make a decision what you can test.

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