When I’m looking for the code of simple Captcha for my personal project, I found this solution: http://html-tuts.com/simple-php-captcha/

The idea of this Captcha is simple, user needs to input the correct value of basic calculating: A+B

Simple Captcha Code with PHP - Mozilla Firefox 2016-06-02 01.34.38
But from the view points of tester, I asked myself: How can I bypass and break it?

I’m looking into the source code of demo Captcha site and there are some useful information there, with supporting of Selenium WebDriver I can make it very easy. Here’s my step:


– With web admin and developer: Do not use this simple way to protect your website from flooding or spam.
– From hacker side: Can use this way or something similar to bypass the Captcha.
– For tester: View the source code (front-end) and make a decision what you can test.

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  1. This’s useful example about basic bypass captcha, but rarely site use this captcha now, at least it’s an image and you can’t get value of it. With basic image we can use OCR to bypass, but with more difficult image, how can you break it?

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