Database testing with Java

Automated from the UI is good, but it’s better if we can verify and comparing the value on the web UI with the actual value from the database, that helps us to make sure it’s correct and integrity. This article will show you how to read and verify database values with Java code.

Compare Pixels – Check difference between two layouts

PixelGrabber là một thư viện Java cho phép lấy ra các điểm ảnh (pixels) trên hình và từ đó có thể dùng để so sánh để phát hiện ra sự thay đổi, khác biệt giữa hai bức ảnh. Có thể ứng dụng vào Automation để nhận biết những sự thay đổi layout.

Selenium IDE: Regular Expression Pattern

An idea to verify the correct format (eg: email format, phone number format) is simple. We need the “Regular Expression Pattern” of each format and using Selenium IDE to compare, the result will be Passed if your value match with Regular Expression Pattern, and Failed if your value does not match with that format pattern. There are some common Regular Expression Pattern, but you can customize to meet the business if needed.

Bypass the basic math Captcha

When I’m looking for the code of simple Captcha for my personal project, I found this solution: The idea of this Captcha is simple, user needs to input the correct value of basic calculating: A+B